How to know what type of irrigation system is right for you

Here in California, where long periods of drought are something you can count on, irrigation systems are often a must if you want to keep your gardens healthy and your landscape looking good. There are a wide variety of irrigation systems available on the market today, though, and to choose the right ones depends on

Visalia Watering Schedule 2017

March thru November 2017 – Visalia Watering Schedule

The current VISALIA Watering Schedule is: Addresses ending in EVEN numbers, water on Wednesdays & Sundays Addresses ending in ODD numbers, water on Tuesdays & Saturdays Watering Times and Duration: Water before 8:00 am or after 6:00 pm on designated watering day. Two or more short cycles are recommended. Runoff is prohibited. Rain – Irrigation

Tips to Choosing the right synthetic lawn

If you currently reside in California, you are probably looking for alternatives to grass due to the terrible drought we are experiencing. Installing synthetic lawn is the wave of the future. It can offer quite a few benefits. It allows you to say goodbye to your lawn mower and other maintenance hassles that you usually

Rainscape Green

How did Rainscape Green become the brand color?

Rainscape Green stands strong against the test of time. Statistics report that 93% of consumers make purchase decisions based on color and visual appearance. In 1972, when Ron Radish and Jim Cooper ordered their first matching Ford trucks for Rainscape, they had no idea that they were creating a brand beyond their logo design. The