Drought Resistent Landscape Design

Drought resistant landscaping design consists of landscapes that require very little water. Replacing thirsty lawns with patios (and/or other hardscaping) or xeriscape landscaping can cut your water use by 80% or more; and eliminating even a little bit of lawn can help. Xeriscape landscaping is a low-water drought tolerant landscaping design that offers an attractive and environmentally friendly alternative to grass, that includes conserving water with drought-tolerant plants and efficient irrigation.

By reducing the amount of grass and replacing it with drought tolerant landscaping, you can drastically reduce your water usage and a whole lot of maintenance. Say goodbye to mowing every weekend in the heat! If you really love the look of a lawn consider planting a natural meadow, using short grasses and flowers, that require less water than conventional lawns and also need no mowing.

When you make the change to drought tolerant landscaping, you will be amazed at the color and texture of your new yard! You will also be amazed at the visitors…your neighbors and the birds, butterflies and healthy insects. Everyone will want to experience the beauty and marvel at how a drought tolerant landscape can look so good, yet require so little maintenance!!

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