The benefits of installing an irrigation system

If water conservation and drought-friendly practices for your lawn and landscaping are a priority, plus you wouldn’t mind saving a little money, you might be surprised to learn that installing an irrigation system is the answer for what you need. Irrigation systems, sprinkler or drip, have two overriding benefits. They help to conserve water and they prevent over- or under-watering that can harm grass and plants – as well as your water bill!

How do they do this? Automated irrigation systems can be planned, installed and programmed to take into account climate, season, landscaping, time of day and placement of plants. This way it will provide exactly the right amount of water exactly where it’s needed for maximum benefit and minimum waste. You’ll save money on your water bill, and even better, a professionally installed irrigation system can also increase your property value by providing a positive environmental impact.

OK, so we’ve covered the big benefits of irrigation systems, but there are still even more. As professional irrigation and landscape specialists in the Visalia area, we’ve worked with hundreds of clients to design and install custom irrigation systems perfect for everyone from single family homes to large corporate campuses. We love them, and here’s more reasons you will too.

Irrigation systems help conserve water – and time. Hand-watering a lawn may sound relaxing, but after a week or two, the attraction wears off. Sprinkler irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems have timers that can be preset for daily or weekly watering so you do not need to start, stop or monitor watering at all times.

Irrigation systems are better for soil condition. Watering with a garden hose may allow too much water to seep into soil, leaching nutrients out along with wasteful water runoff. It can also compact soil making it too hard-packed for grass and plants to grow and thrive in.

Getting back to what we mentioned earlier, professionally-installed irrigation systems can also increase your home’s value. Realtors love it when they can show prospective buyers a beautiful lawn or landscaping that is easily maintained with updated and functional irrigation already installed and working well. Which in turn increases the value of your home and property.  

At Rainscape, our landscape designers have decades of experience designing and installing cost-effective irrigation systems and sprinkler systems. Our Visalia landscaping and irrigation system services are designed to save you money in the short and long run. When you work with us, you can have confidence that our crews will work to create the optimal system for your landscape. Get more information about your irrigation system options by contacting our Visalia landscaping pros at 559-651-2333.

KristyThe benefits of installing an irrigation system

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