Why should you hire a landscaping professional?

It’s fun to get outside and get your hands in the dirt once in a while. Planting flowers or installing a garden plot for herbs and veggies is fun and so rewarding. But when your thoughts turn to bigger, more challenging projects, hiring a professional landscaper is often the answer to keeping your project and budget in line while ensuring you get the results you’re looking for. Here’s a few reasons having a pro on your team can help.

Landscape designers have lots of ideas – and experience. If you’ve got a rough idea of what you want, a landscaper can take your vision and create a viable, functional plan to make it reality. They’re trained, educated, and experienced and can bring the whole of that insight to your project. If you know you want a certain color in one area, they can suggest a list of plants that would fit the bill and thrive in that specific area. If you’ve got an idea for a water feature, they’ll be able to suggest a wide variety of choices and share ideas for one that fits your budget, and the best place to set it up on your property.

Landscape design professionals can see the big picture. Another advantage of hiring landscape designers is that they are trained to look at your landscape as an entire system. They will take your ideas and assess conditions that will affect it such as drainage, elevation, soil, irrigation, and sun exposure. They’ll create a plan that accounts for all of this, making sure that your new landscaping will both look good and thrive for a very long time.

Landscape professionals deal with the stress – so you don’t have to. Many landscape projects require the handling of a lot of details. Ordering materials, organizing contractors, scheduling everything from start to finish. What you might think is a week-long job, may actually turn into a month or more. Landscape professionals are experienced at handling all the details of a project from start to finish. They know the contractors, can make sure the right materials are ordered and delivered, and can adjust when weather or other circumstances require adjustments to your plan.

Local landscape professionals know YOU: When you make the decision to hire a landscaping designer, be sure to choose someone who is local. Landscape companies located in your area are in the best position to know what plants will thrive in your area, and which ones to avoid. They know the soil types, they understand the climate, and they know what works best for everything from pools to organic gardens to drought-tolerant yards. They are accessible, you can talk to them in person, they can take into account lifestyle issues such as pets or small children, and they understand local zoning laws and building codes.

At Rainscape, we do more than create a simple landscape design; our landscape specialists can build and innovative a master plan for your entire property, based on your needs and expectations. To learn more call us at (559) 651-2333.

KristyWhy should you hire a landscaping professional?

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