Commercial property landscape maintenance tips

Commercial property landscape maintenance require the ability to both see the big picture and  manage a whole lot of little details all at once. It’s about much more than making a space look good, it also needs to be planned, executed and maintained for the best look, function and long-term viability. In our work with commercial property landscaping, we’ve rounded up the following tips to help new managers keep their properties looking great.

Tip #1: Keep it clean and safe. Any commercial property landscape maintenance checklist needs to start with keeping the property organized, clean and neat. Keeping the site clean will also reduce safety and health concerns.  

  • Inspect for and repair cracks in sidewalks or patios
  • Litter and leftover landscaping material should be removed daily
  • Make sure all basins, grates, ditches and inlets are draining

Tip #2: Be water smart. An efficient irrigation system can save thousands of gallons of water each year, translating into lower utility bills and a greener footprint, all of which owners and tenants can appreciate. If a new system is needed, but you’re not sure what kind, check out this article to find out which irrigation system is right for you. Once you have an irrigation system installed and working, it’s important to inspect it regularly to make sure it’s working properly. Check for damage to any part of the system, and also check to make sure the different areas of the property are receiving the right amount of moisture.

Tip #3: Look into synthetic lawns. Most of the properties we work with here in the Visalia area and throughout Central California have to take drought conditions into consideration. Many have made the transition from grass to synthetic lawns. If you haven’t looked into synthetic grass in a while, it’s time to check it out. Today’s artificial grass is definitely not your grandma’s astro turf. With advances in the materials and technology used to create modern synthetic grass, it’s a completely different product that many commercial properties prefer for its ease of maintenance and money-saving results. Be sure to check out our website for more details about synthetic lawns.

Tip #4: Stand out from the crowd. Aesthetics are important too when it comes to commercial properties. Adding colorful flowers or beautiful plants to the landscape plan are a great way to make owners and tenants proud of their property. But be sure to keep a close eye on your statement pieces as they can quickly turn from gorgeous to unsightly without the right care.

  • Deadhead to remove old blooms and encourage new
  • Remove weeds and old mulch that is discolored
  • Freshen or replace mulch in areas that have washed away
  • Water and fertilize as needed to ensure healthy plants

Commercial properties are a major investment that need constant attention and care. We offer commercial landscape services ranging from sustainable design and construction to maintenance and irrigation and our budget-friendly solutions are what your company needs to ensure your first impression is the best it can be.

Our Commercial Landscaping Services Include:

  • Installation and planning services
  • Sprinkler installation and service
  • Hardscaping services
  • Effective drainage systems

At Rainscape, we have served clients in Visalia and the surrounding area since 1972 – that’s more than 40 years of professional experience in the landscaping business. If you are looking for the right commercial landscaper in Central California, let Rainscape put our decades of experience to work for your property.

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